My personal reflections on this blog take inspiration from the Bahá’í teachings.

Thursday, 20 September 2007


This poem is a response to Angela Shortt's "Unbidden like surise".


As if a cosmic whirlwind passes by
The stars careen across a churning sky

Primeval constellations fly apart
Propelled in gyres no instrument can chart

This storm must blow and nothing block its course
The gods themselves shall not resist its force

Not Hera nor Apollo stand their ground
When age-old bonds of hate have been unbound

Yet harpies, howling, grieve to see the fall
Of hallowed ways that keep the world in thrall

The woeful clamour of their carping jive
Invokes a day when naught but death may thrive

Such dire drones would send me to despair

Were they alone to wail upon the air

Were not a greater Voice to call the dance

That moves all life at springtime's brisk advance

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