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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Does religion meet reality?

Roger Scruton, an English philosopher, has posted a blog article, "Better off without religion?", giving a particularly clear and lucid account of the role of religion in meeting needs that are fundamental to human nature and to civilization.

A similar theme continues to be discussed between me and Dan Rhoads, on Dan's evolution-oriented blog, "Migrations", under "Is religion adapative?". This discussion went dormant for a couple of weeks, but has revived, under prompting from thoughts expressed by Roger Scruton and people commenting on his article.

These discussions are likely to be stimulating for anyone with an interest in the relationship between science and religion, and the role that religion plays in society.


John said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne.
The shouting match between the two equally deluded camps is so passe and boringly predictable--and useles. Full of sound and self-righteous fury, and signifying nothing at all---farts in the wind!

Please check out these related references on Real God, culture and politics. Perhaps you already know of the author?


Phillipe Copeland said...

Happy Ridvan John!